‘The Rosary’ by Cristina Rodrigues

Artist’s Talk
The Contemplative Horizon of Cristina Rodrigues
Tuesday 25 June 2019, 11.00am-12noon

Join us for an artist’s talk by the Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues, whose work can be seen in Ruskin’s Manchester: Devil’s Darkness to Beacon City. A book about Rodrigues’ work, written by the Spanish art critic Fernando Castro Flórez, has recently been published in Portugal. He has written about Rodrigues:

“Cristina Rodrigues is a Portuguese artist with an important history of exhibitions in national and international art centres, who has developed absolutely personal works of art that go beyond the prevailing fashions. In her aesthetics, one can observe both an expansion of the pictorial, as well as the intense work of generating installations, as demonstrated by the extraordinary piece The Shroud (2016) or the environment of Sitting Through Life (2017). Rodrigues goes beyond the “heroic gesturalism”, planning her pictorial processes, weaving and arranging the materials with extraordinary care, waiting for the spectator to enter a contemplative time. To a certain extent, this artist tries to sew the fragments of the world, generating a cordial space and, of course, appealing not only to intelligence but also to passion.

This talk enables the viewer to contemplate a careful selection of Cristina Rodrigues’ works. During the talk, the different symbolic reasons and artistic procedures that this creator develops will be explained. Embroideries, drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations, arranged with an adjusted installation criterion, offer a very seductive aesthetic Horizon. Objects have a different life in the works of Cristina Rodrigues, whether they be shoes, furniture, hearts, feet or little angels made of ceramics, they are available for her to draw another narrative. The fantasy of the body in pieces moves in the imaginary of this Portuguese artist, beyond the conception of fluid-subversive subjectivity, to symbolize a desire for fulfilment, a sort of compassionate restitution in a certainly deranged world.”

Free event, please book in advance.

Curator’s Tour – Ruskin’s Manchester
Thursday 25 July 2019, 2.00pm-3.00pm

Join guest curator Dr Rachel Dickinson for a tour of ‘Ruskin’s Manchester: Devil’s Darkness to Beacon City’, the exhibition she has curated as part of the celebrations marking 200 years since the birth of John Ruskin, the prominent and influential Victorian writer, art critic, artist and social thinker. 

Ruskin gave some of his most important lectures in Manchester and was enthusiastically received by Mancunians who formed the first Ruskin Society and the first exhibition dedicated to him in 1904. This exhibition celebrates Ruskin’s relationship with Manchester and the city’s response to him. Ruskin spoke out against the social, political and environmental injustices of his day. He criticised the worst aspects of industrialisation which caused pollution to flow from the city’s factories, leading him to describe the smog that settled over Manchester as the ‘Devil’s Darkness’. He promoted access to museums and art education for the working classes. During his lecture ‘The Unity of Art’, at the Manchester School of Art, he spoke about education, manufacture, craft and art, declaring that, ‘FINE ART is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together’. This lecture is at the heart of this exhibition, which uses architecture, books, drawings, paintings, studio pottery and textiles to introduce Ruskin and demonstrate his importance and influence on art, craft and design education.

Free event, please book in advance.